How do I make an order?

Please fill in an order form on the 'Order' page, alternatively send an email to including the date you need the order for, how many people it’s for, style and flavour. Replies can take up to 5 days, I usually do all my emails on a Monday morning!

Does Heart of Cake deliver?

Unfortunately I don't deliver, the majority of my customers arrange private taxis/couriers to deliver their orders which has currently had a 100% success rate. Otherwise I am based in Stoke Newington where you can collect your order. 

How do I get to your premises?

The nearest over ground station is Stoke Newington Station which is 15 minutes from London Liverpool Street. Otherwise buses: 73, 476, 106, 243, 76, 149 run very near by. 

I want to order a cake, do I need to pay a deposit?

Yes, all orders require at least a deposit. If you're ordering something within a week of collection you will need to pay the full payment upfront otherwise it's a 50% for anything under £300. 

I haven't paid the deposit yet, can you still guarantee me my order?

There are only so many orders I can single handedly take on, if your deposit is not paid your space will be given to another customer. Your deposit secures and guarantees your order.

Do you do weddings or events?

Yes! If you're after a tiered wedding cake or a spread for an event you've come to the right place! See my Gallery or drop me an email.

I want to cancel my order, can I get my deposit back?

Unfortunately deposits (50% of the total price) are non refundable. If you’ve paid the total price of the cake well in advance and give me plenty of notice (at least 1 month) you are eligible for a 50% refund. Deposits can be transferable if given plenty of notice (at least 1 month).

Can I change or add to my order?

Within reason changes and extras are allowed if given notice and if the space is available. Please email or call me at least 7 days prior to collection if you'd like to change or edit your order.

My cake got damaged in transport, what can you do?

When the cake leaves the premises by collection or via arranged courier it is no longer in my control or my responsibility. I make my cakes extremely sturdy so that they can transport long distance without any damage or movement. I will advise whoever is collecting your cake to take the correct precautions when transporting your order.

I don't like my order, what is your refund policy?

In the unfortunate and rare case that this happens please call and return the whole order back within 24 hours of collection where we can assess the situation and organise a full or partial refund. 

Who did your illustration on the main page?

The super talented Tara O Brien. Check out her work here: